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Professional cleaning supplies

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Finnish Siivo cleaning supplies are designed for professional use in Leomuovi Group. Carefully chosen materials and precise handicraft together with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications guarantee the high quality of the products and operations.


Highly durable product range consists of floor squeegees, mops & mop frames and window cleaning equipment.

Our customer base is wide, including wholesalers and stores specialized on the cleaning industry. We also have customers of various fields of businesses such as interior decoration, surface materials, hardware- and rubber stores. Siivo products have delighted our customers ever since 1960’s. 

Floor squeegees

We offer foam squeegees, ebonite squeegees, double blade squeegees, swivel floor squeegees and swivel foam squeegees. All our squeegees are available in various sizes and rubber blades are easily replaceable with refills. Materials used in our squeegees are oil and solvent resistant. 

Double blade floor squeegee

  • bathrooms
  • laminate flooring
  • plastic flooring
  • home and office cleaning

Foam floor squeegee

  • industrial halls
  • garages
  • home cleaning
  • suitable for rough surfaces such as tiles and concrete flooring.

Ebonite floor squeegees

  • rough surfaces 
  • unfinished flooring
  • tarmac
  • industrial halls and garages
  • home cleaning

Swivel floor squeegee
Universal squeegee for all floor types.

Swivel foam floor squeegee
Ideal for removing liquids and dirt from smooth surfaces.

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Mops, mop frames and scouring pads with handles  

We offer mops, mop frames and scouring pads with handles in different sizes. They all are designed to be used with our cleaning cloths. Scouring sponges can also be found in our selection.  Scouring pad handles are available with and without a grip. Siivo wide product range also includes a bathroom scourer with a brush.

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Window cleaning equipment

Siivo offers high quality window squeegees and window washers.

Window squeegee
Our windows squeegees are made of  natural rubber by using casting technique. The handles are zinc galvanized steel and the frame is made of aluminum. The handle can also be mounted to our cleaning poles. Interchangeable rubber blades are available in different sizes.

Window washer
The frame of our window washer is made of plastic and the washer sleeve is made of synthetic pile. Replacement sleeves are available. The window washer can be mounted on our cleaning poles. There are also different kinds of window cleaning sets available.

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Poles and racks 

We have a variety of poles in different sizes, of both aluminum and wooden.  Poles with conical plug can be fit in our windows squeegees, window washers and floor squeegees. Light aluminum pole is also available as an extendable version. 

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Cleaning clothes

Our selection of cleaning clothes includes dusting cloths, microfiber cloths, floor cloths of two different sizes and non-woven cloths.

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